Community & Support

Anyone can download and use OpenL2TP for free here. Documentation should provide all that is needed to learn how to configure and use the software. Mailing lists and web forums are available on this site for OpenL2TP users to interact with each other. Mailing list archives are here. The forums have information about future plans for OpenL2TP and about L2TPv3 support. Users are encouraged to ask for help and share ideas or tricks.

OpenL2TP also has a project at SourceForge where files can also be downloaded. Users may open bugs there, though it is planned to move the bug database to this site later.

The authors of OpenL2TP, Katalix Systems, offers paid Linux software consultancy, customisation and installation services. If you require a feature in OpenL2TP that isn't implemented or you need help getting OpenL2TP set up, please use the Contact Form to request assistance.

If you are a network consultant or installer and would be interested in offering OpenL2TP installation and support services, please contact us.